Donations & Patreon Support

When you donate, you are helping us to grow our community and servers. This, of course, makes a much better and bigger gaming network for you with new players, events, and rewards.

Your money WILL go towards:

Keeping the server running via Run Time.
Upgrading the server (More player slots).
Creating a server cluster with different maps (Multiple servers).

We also offer Patreon

Become a Patreon Member and be an even bigger part of our community. You are helping us to grow our network of servers, expand the social media exposure and bring in new players and members to play with. The Patreon tiers we offer are amazing value. With dinos, protection, and gear plus more, we have a range to suit everyone.

Take a look at the Patreon packs we offer. Of course, if you are in the middle of the month and want to become a Patreon then we also accept PayPal.
Take a look at our Patreon Packs –


[EU] FMUKGAMING.COM – PVE – The Island – Cluster01 = xfek6dsh
[EU] FMUKGAMING.COM – PVE  – Ragnarok – Cluster01 = dqebctld
[EU] FMUKGAMING.COM – PVE – Aberration – Cluster01 = 6fxkdt7a
[EU] FMUKGAMING.COM – PVE – Exinction – Cluster01 = s58s4svm