Donate £100.00 to the servers (as a one off payment).

You will receive:

25 of each Taming Kibble

Mated pair of 2 perfect tame rexs.
Mated Pair of Perfect Tame Level 324 Tek Rexes.

5 Dinos Painted to your choice of colours.

Full Set Of Tek Armour.

2000 Electronics, 2000 CP & 2000 Hard Poly.

3000 x Bush Berry Seeds.
50 x Tek Foundations
50 x Tek Ceilings
100 x Tek Walls
5 Tek Doors & Door Frames
5 x Behemouth Gates
5 x Dino Gates
1 x Tek Replicator
2 x Tek Transmitters

Private Patreon access Discord Channel.